Download: Phoenix – ‘1901’ (The Tremulance + felipemusica Mix )

1901 is maybe the most catchiest songs of the year. It’s fun, upbeat and has a really steady flow of rhythm – can’t go wrong, right? Anyway, we’ve got two awesome remixes for you today of Phoenix‘s single. First, the one by The Tremulance in which 1901’s upbeat chorus is taken to the max with a tempo increase on the beat and a few extra, lovely synths added for effect. Then there’s the one in which felipemusica mixes it in quite the opposite, bringing the tempo down and turning the track into a great ska. Really chill.



Pheonix – ‘1901’ (felipemusica Mix)


[MP3] Phenix – ‘1901’ (Ivan Beck Dub Mix)

Check out more remixes of 1901 down at!

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