Download: PJ Harvey – ‘The Devil’

PJ Harvey
[tag]PJ Harvey[/tag] is undoubtedly one of my favorite contemporary female vocalists, her  unpredictable vocals have always been a mystery to me. Her voice can switch from intimacy to anger as if on a hair trigger, a quality or better yet gift few artists posses and master. Now after 15 years of experience in the music industry Polly Jean released her eighth album this week, called White Chalk, in which she ditched her trademark guitar for quiet and beautiful piano, thus providing some much needed space for her falsettos. She’s an artists that hates to repeat herself and is always on the lookout for new and extraordinary themes. That lead to eight remarkably different, but at the same time familiar LP’s, thanks to PJ’s unique view and femininity, found in all her albums.

The Devil” is, in my book, the best track of “White Chalk” a testament to PJ’s incredible voice. Starting with a thrilling piano line, then slowing down for a string of falsetto, before bursting in a explosive chorus, after which it plunges into darkness. Perfection.


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