Download: Spoon – ‘Black Like Me’

SpoonI’m feeling a bit melancholic today, that and being struck witha severe case of laziness, caused me to do nothing but waste my time in front of the PC and listen to a lot of old and mostly sad songs. I figured you guys could enjoy a little mp3 love so here’s “Black Like Me“, from one of my favorite indie bands [tag]Spoon[/tag]. The track’s off their latest and best album Ga Ga Ga, an album that’s really grown on me and for me Black Like Me is definitely the song that stands out the most. It’s got it all, great piano and acoustic guitar vibe, Britt Daniel‘s commanding vocals really hits my soft spot, while the lyrics make me fell somewhat nostalgic regarding a particular summer.


Jenny’s watching day and night
My head’s still feeling light
Someone to take care tonight

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