Download: St. Vincent – ‘Bicycle’

St. Vincent

St. Vincent

We praised a lot Annie Clark‘s new album, “Actor,” in these past weeks, but who can honestly say she doesn’t deserve the hype ? Today, we’ve got a new Annie Clark track for your ear’s delight, the melancholic B-Side on the LP “Bicycle.” From the first verse you can tell it’s a deeply Annie-centered song of ravishing fines. Actor is out now, and you can order it from Amazon or iTunes. [many thanks to The Bat and Bird for the mp3 via stereogum]


you stole my bicycle
so i had to walk
twenty city blocks in the rain
what a shame

you took my tennis shoes
so i took the train
to avoid the rain
what a shame

you saw me on the street
you offered me a seat
then when i blinked
you were gone

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