New St. Vincent Video: ‘Marrow’

St. Vincent

St. VincentIt seems like my bitching was heard or something (start a blog too, people. Who knows who might hear your whining and do something about it. Just kidding – don’t mind me). Either way, a few months ago I was feeling a bit dishearten about the straightforward approach St. Vincent received for her video of Actor Out Of Work, but in this latest music video for the cascading “Marrow” it’s all the other way around. Talk about mind fuck. Like a soundtrack for a zombie B movie, as Annie strolls around a barren highway in the middle of the desert, various people stop whatever there is they’re doing, go back in forth for a second, like as being brain washed, and start following her mindlessly. When she turns back to see the crowd, in a blink of an eye, it’s all gone and she’s just back where she started. Directed by Terri Timely.

[via P4K]

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