Download: St. Vincent – ‘The Strangers’

St. Vincent

St. VincentLet me break it to you folks, Annie Clark is one talented soul! The Tulsa, Oklahoma native multi-instrumentalist dazzled everyone with her incredible musical talents, both vocal and instrumental-wise. Quite remarkable how she can handle the role of an one person band, often engulfing the sound of entire orchestras in her tracks.

Her 2007 debut, “Marry Me,” was divine, and, obviously, very well received. We’re in 2009 now, though, and our expectations, how great they may be, will be most likely delivered. Judging from her most recently released single off her upcoming “Actor, ” dubbed “Strangers,” a beautiful, crescendo anthem, of course. I can only hope she can assemble a full string band soon for her live shows, for more effective use, not that that’s really a problem though, since she’s always been stunning live.

Check out Strangers bellow. Actor is out April 5th. Bonus: keep up with Annie’s updates on twitter.


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