New Liars video: ‘Houseclouds’

If you’re familiar with the Australian three piece video, for the their summer hit single Plaster Cats Of Everything, then you might think that this odd fellows have at least a few cogs gone missing. But now [tag]Liars[/tag] have just recently released the video for “Houseclouds,” another standout track from the band’s smashing self titled. The antithesis between the thrilling, mad max high speed chases in PCOE and this laid back song and video is staggering to say the least.

The video for “Houseclouds,” features Aaron and Julian dressed up very presentable in retro Victorian suits, while frontman Angus Andrew, chest naked, sings a ballad of love and cuddling a nearby kitty

The vynil and digital download for the single will be available starting November 20. The ‘Houseclouds’ digital release features brand new track, ‘Red Dirt’, plus a remix of ‘Clear Island’ by pre-teen Mute UK labelmates Tiny Masters Of Today and an exclusive new track “Dear God.” The 7” features the exclusive new track “Dear God.”

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