New Okkervil River video: ‘Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe’

I’m really thrilled Austin based [tag]Okkervil River[/tag] finally decided to make a video for this epic song, filled with melodic twists and aggressive choruses, off a, what seems, a clear winner so far of album of the year: Stage Names. As the video goes it’s somewhat confusing with frame-in-frame action, or TV-in-TV if you wish. Frontman Will Sheff enters a room number 1972 (the year his favorite poet John Berryman committed suicide), where a man apparently killed himself through over-medication. There’s policemen investigating, a young wedded couple having sex, a maid secretly enjoying a cigarette, and of course the band singing their hearts out, all in that very room. Be patient with the TVguide intro, it will be worth it.

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