The Vandelles: the Noir Rock revivalists

The Vandelles
The product of a merger between two local New York bands, The Mercenary Gang and Del Black Aloha, The Vandelles have made a name for themselves, thanks to their experimental distortions and harmonies, as Noir Rock’s new generation spearhead. Recently I’ve had the pleasure to sample their latest self titled EP [via Safranin Sound] and I can say that I’m particularly impressed. Their sound resembles The Jesus and Mary Chain and Danish duo The Ravonettes, but at the same time preserves that uncanny American charm.

It’s really a bit hard to explain how they feel and sound like, but the late summer anthem “Swell To Heaven” and psychedelic “Lovely Weather” will do well to introduce you to the band.

[MP3] The Vandelles – ‘Swell To Heaven’
[MP3] The Vandelles – ‘Lovely Weather’

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