[VIDEO] Animal Collective – ‘Guys Eyes’

Finally, someone thought it would be only decent to grant my favorite track off Merriweather Post Pavilion, “Guys Eyes”, its own music video. When talking Animal Collective, it’s either extravagantly complex or in your face simple, and it’s that exact subtle mix between avantgard and AC’s straight forward, no bullshit approach to music that makes us love and cherish this band – this particular video falls on the more grounded part of the AC. The beach, beautiful bikini wearing women, playful pets and a wondering Geologist, all shot in a reminiscing vintage angle. In other related news, remember this September sees Panda Bear deliver his forth solo full length, Tomboy. I’ll be back with more details as soon as I can get ahold of something.

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  • edward rodriguez

    Animal Collective’s Danny Perez, in a film between Vice and Intel.


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