New Rivers Cuomo single/album + one of the most awesome album art ever!

Rivers Cuomo Alone II

Last year’s “Alone,” by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, was pretty awesome, of course, in a geekish, fun way. You know, it’s Weezer, more or less. Anyway, I was pretty much exited when I heard I will get the chance to hear some new, unreleased materials from Rivers this year, as he’ll be releasing a new solo compilation record in the form of “Alone II.”

I’ve always loved compilations of unreleased tracks, B-sides or various band rarities. It’s that sense of ‘rejection,’ of anti-mainstream or of relentless perfectionism (a lot of artist turned down gem like songs from official recordings, because they thought they were crap, although it was obvious, for an outside listener, it was actually the opposite. Who knows what stellar stuff Bob Dylan keeps in his attic?) that always apelled to me and me enjoy these kind of records more.

“I Want To Thake You Home Tonight,” is a song recorded by Rivers in 2002, centered around a one night fling. Musically speaking, it’s very Weezer like (go figure); fun, short and sorta catchy. Check it out bellow and tell me what you think.

Oh, and just bellow you can find the future cover art for Alone II, featuring Rivers Cuomo in his high school seniour year book. Ok, ready yourself.

Rivers Cuomo Alone II

Yup, this is ROFL moment.

Alone II is out around the world starting November 25th.

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