New Scott Weiland video: ‘Paralyse’

Scott Weiland

Scott WeilandAfter his recent, tumultuous ride with Velvet Revolver ended (for him, of course), Scott Weiland‘s future became highly uncertain. He then eventually, and a bit surprisingly to be honest, got his old band, Stone Templer Pilots, back together and toured extensively, with a new album in the making being on the horizon, too. But for a man who’s ego’s hardly overthrown, not even by his own shadow, going solo is the best solution.

“Happy In Galoshes” (I think galoshes means something like bunny slippers or something like that. Inspiring name, Scott.) is Weiland’s second and most recent solo album, that’s set for a November 25th release date. The first single off of it is called “Paralyze,” getting it’s premiere a few weeks ago on public radio. Yesterday, however, the video for the song got out. Oh, and if I mentioned the song, I might as well say a few words about it, too. It’s Crap. Three words is more then enough to express Paralyse’s music. Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell… what the heck happened to you guys?

As for the video, of course, it’s made in a very typical, Weiland fashion. He sorta pseudo-bangs a latino hottie (which I managed to identify as being actress Paz de la Huerta, while, also, occassionally strolling along the scorshing californian desert. Way to go trying to look badass, man.

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