New Scott Weiland video: ‘Paralyse’

Scott Weiland

Scott WeilandAfter his recent, tumultuous ride with Velvet Revolver ended (for him, of course), Scott Weiland‘s future became highly uncertain. He then eventually, and a bit surprisingly to be honest, got his old band, Stone Templer Pilots, back together and toured extensively, with a new album in the making being on the horizon, too. But for a man who’s ego’s hardly overthrown, not even by his own shadow, going solo is the best solution.

“Happy In Galoshes” (I think galoshes means something like bunny slippers or something like that. Inspiring name, Scott.) is Weiland’s second and most recent solo album, that’s set for a November 25th release date. The first single off of it is called “Paralyze,” getting it’s premiere a few weeks ago on public radio. Yesterday, however, the video for the song got out. Oh, and if I mentioned the song, I might as well say a few words about it, too. It’s Crap. Three words is more then enough to express Paralyse’s music. Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell… what the heck happened to you guys?

As for the video, of course, it’s made in a very typical, Weiland fashion. He sorta pseudo-bangs a latino hottie (which I managed to identify as being actress Paz de la Huerta, while, also, occassionally strolling along the scorshing californian desert. Way to go trying to look badass, man.

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  • Deborah

    To the person that wrote this article… get your information right. The name of the song is Paralysis and galoshes are shoes resembling rain boots or snow boots. You should get fired!

  • Adam

    I don’t know if it’s teen angst, or twenty-something arrogance, but where do all these people get off slamming Weiland & Cornell, especially when one of their main argument’s in the attack’s on both men (especially Cornell), is that he “genre-hopped” OH LORD PLEASE NO!! Don’t tell me an artist in his 40’s that’s been performing for 20+ years, may ACTUALLY HAVE MATURED AND CHOSEN TO EXPERIMENT!?! That would just be SINFUL!!! If Weiland doesn’t re-do “Core” over & over in any way he can, and if Cornell doesn’t do BadSuperUpside every time he make’s a record, they’re “sell-out’s”, “washed up”, etc… Well, if I want to hear Core or Badmotorfinger, I’ll go put them on. I love the risks these guy’s are taking, and the fact that they’re @ the point in there careers where they don’t have to give a crap what anyone thinks, so the haters breath is wasted. Maybe someday, in a few years, some of you will actually, “GET IT”… that growth, maturity, change, and even risk are all apart of growing, for artist’s and all human’s. It was said best by someone else a few year’s ago, so I’ll just throw their quote @ you- “To me, anything that’s not growing and evolving, is already Dead…”
    Truer word’s were rarely spoken. All you pissed off 20 something’s, watch, in a few year’s you won’t be able to put either record down, cuz by then (HOPEFULLY), YOU will have learned to accept and appreciate, growth & change, and THEN & ONLY THEN will you “GET IT”. Otherwise, be my guest, remain a remotional retard for the rest of your life with no interest in experimenting and growing… then look back in 20 years and see just how fruitful your life was, “playing it safe” & staying the same, “dreadfully BORING”. I respect all opinion’s (some more than other’s), and just because I like certain artist’s or music, I DEFINITELY don’t expect other’s too feel the same way. We all have different life experiences, inspirations, and thing’s we can relate to… Obviously some people can better relate to & appreciate certain artist’s better than other’s because they have more in common with them. The only thing I don’t respect, is when the basis of the argument isn’t revolving around specific’s, but generalities. Making your whole argument revolve around the nerve of Cornell to “genre-hop”, rather than saying, “I don’t like this collaboration because________” (And “he hopped genre’s” doesn’t cut it…

    I can’t wait til November 25th for “Happy” (btw genius, I know not everyone can think past the surface, but the title is a metaphor, and Galoshes are rain gear NOT slippers, yeah har har). Kind of a play on the idea of “I’m only happy when it rain’s” or “I miss the comfort in being sad”… finding solace in misery, and it goes way deeper than that, but you guy’s can “grow & mature” a little first and figure the rest out on your own… that’s all the freebies on life you get today…

  • Adam

    Right on Deborah, the other point I was going to touch upon, Dude doesn’t even know the name or spelling of the song he’s slamming! What kind of low-grade, low-budget journalism is that!? It’d be one thing if you want to praise a song and you mistake the title & or spelling. If you want to trash it though??? You better “Come correct” because all you’re showing is that you’re ill-informed and incompetent, and someone owning that throne, really has absolutely NO room to bad mouth the work of a creative artist… you have the right, but not the place… what an awfully produced ill-intentioned article, and nice editing job… an utter disgrace to music journalism…you hack’s.
    (The nerve of me to criticize the integrity and the artistic value of another person’s work, pretty lame, eh!?)

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