The Radiohead Santa Barbara webcast [full]

Thom Yorke

Thom YorkeI’m really late with this, but I’ve been away in the Carpathian mountains this weekend for some serious hiking and had no chance to see it, let alone post it. Anyway, last Thursday Radiohead played its last gig off their ginormous In Rainbows tour in Santa Barbara, CA. The band ended the tour with an epic finale, after subsequently Liars gave me an awesome performance, as well. Thom Yorke and co. played an astonishing
25 tracks long set, in which they played most of In Rainbows plus a lot of the band’s hits. Seeing how the band’s all modern, as far as tech goes, they also made a webcast on of the whole show, so that any fan that had the misfortune to miss the gig, could watch the thing at ‘the comfort’ of his own home.

I dug up the interwebs a bit and compiled the best looking videos, in terms of sound and video quality, and have posted them bellow. Props to YouTube user picadk and Andy Bezbozhny for the videos.

01. Reckoner

02. Optimistic

03. There There

04. 15 Step

05. All I Need

06. Nude

07. Talk Show Host

08. Weird Fishes Arpeggi

09. the Gloaming

10. Morning Bell

11. the National Anthem

12. Faust Arp

13. No Surprises

14. Jigsaw Falling Into Place

15. the Bends

16. Karma Police

17. Bodysnatchers

18. Cymbal Rush

19. House of Cards

20. Paranoid Android

21. Go Slowly

22. Everything In Its Right Place

23. Videotape

24. Lucky

25. Idioteque

SETLIST (via atease)
01. “Reckoner”
02. “Optimistic”
03. “There There”
04. “15 Step”
05. “All I Need”
06. “Nude”
07. “Talk Show Host”
08. “Arpeggi”
09. “The Gloaming”
10. “Morning Bell”
11. “The National Anthem”
12. “Faust Arp”
13. “No Surprises”
14. “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
15. “The Bends”
16. “Karma Police”
17. “Bodysnatchers”

Encore 1
18. “Cymbal Rush” (Thom, “This one’s off the Eraser, its called Cymbal Rush.”)
19. “House of Cards”
20. “Paranoid Android” (Thom. “So this is for anyone who’s had surgery. You’re gonna be dead soon. Its all going south Brotha.”)
21. “Go Slowly” (Thom, “I didn’t mean it about the surgery you know. Whatever u wanna do.”)
22. “Everything In Its Right Place” [some people in the front chant “TRUE LOVE WAITS!” repeatedly. Thom, “Just cuz your down in front mate. Nice idea.”]

Encore 2:
23. “Videotape”
24. “Lucky” [Thom, “Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thank you everybody. Everybody who has come to every show on this tour. We’ve had a blast generally. We also very much like to thank Liars for playing tonight. Ok I’ll shut up.”]
25. “Idioteque”

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