B.B. King buys landmark juke joint

bb-king.jpgWell to tell you the truth I can’t imagine what it was like decades ago, when blues singers went into juke joints and sang their lungs and fingers off, for food and something to drink, or for very few cash in the fortunate cases.

Anyway, the feel and groove must have been fantastic; and who knows this better than B.B. King? To celebrate those days, he bought Club Ebony in Indianola, which has been owned by Mary Shepard for 3 decades.

King and an impressive number of musicians have played there throughout the years. Shepard says she sold the club to the bluesman because she wants to relax and spend time with her family.

It’s going to be interesting to see what King decides to do with the place; will he sing there? iwll he bring his friends to sing there? I’m certainly curious.

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