Led Zeppelin reunion rumors shot down !

Led Zeppelin

I was thrilled when i saw this post at NME, which stated rock legends [tag]Led Zeppelin[/tag] were set to reunite for a memorial concert, in honor of their late record producer Ahmet Ertegun.

According to the source Robert Plant guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones would re-group alongside late drummer John Bonham’s son Jason for the gig. Later today though i saw this post, in which Led’s lead vocalist and guitarist Robert Plant infirmed the rumors regarding their alleged reunion. Robert even found the time to joke on this matter saying “If there was one, then there wouldn’t be enough doctors to support it!”.

I guess this is all for the best, as much as i would enjoy a Led reunion it would be terrible. They’re all old and can’t really perform. Led Zeppelin isn’t Led Zeppelin with out John Bonham; it’s for the best to conserve their iconic status as rock demigods and just sit out.

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