Oasis is set to start recordings for new album next week


A while back we reported that [tag]Oasis[/tag] were about to start work on their seventh studio effort. Recordings began six weeks ago in their personal studio, with two new songs already completed, while the rest are set to be written and recorded starting next week at the Abbey Road recording studios. In a recent interview Noel Gallagher said, in short, that the band plans to write up as many songs as possible, until December when they’ll be taking a Christmas break, after which they’ll mix their tracks and see what they can work with. Speaking about Oasis’ writing techniques, Noel said:

“We all write separately, but for some reason all the songs sound like they’ve got a common thread. We’ve been focusing round the grooves more this time.”

Apparently Noel has run dry his fountain of creativity, stating his having a bit of trouble finding inspiration for his songs.”I’ve literally got nothing left to write about. I’ve written about being a youth, and I’ve written about being a rock star, and I’ve written about living life in the big city.” Well, Noel, I think life’s about more then that, isn’t it? You should go out more.

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