RIAA: Suing you since 2003 (part 3)


This is a feel-good story. Trust me. A site called Recording Industry vs. The People found some numbers on the trials (and tribulations) of the RIAA’s lawsuits over the past few years. They’re quite entertaining – if you’re not with the RIAA, of course.

In 2008, the RIAA has spend $16 million on attorney fees to recover $390,000. Even worse, the year prior they spend $21M on lawyer fees plus an additional $3.5M on “investigative operations” only to gain back half a million. Even worse, in 2006 they spent $19M and $3.6M, respectively, to recover $400K.

The site adds these up for the biggest smile-enducing figure: over the three-year period, the RIAA spend $64M to retrieve $1.3M. Way to make your point.

Awesome. Just awesome.

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