The Grammys…


Every year I look at the nominations and winners, and I have the same thought, “It can’t get worse than last year.” Yet somehow it always does. The 2010 Grammys didn’t let me down – which is to say, they did. Instead of going item by item in an effort to prove, as I stated last August, that the NARAS doesn’t know shit about music, I will just dissect the few categories I find to be the most egregious offenders. I’ll include the nominees and winners, the latter of which will always be in caps.

And let me say that this won’t be the constant hate-fest that some of you might imagine it to be. Yes, I have many negative things to spew, but I also do have a few – very few – complementary items to throw out there for this year’s Awards. It’ll be fun, I promise.

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