Drive? Buy Truckers.

It's a monkey waving a top hat. IT'S A MONKEY WAVING A TOP HAT. That is all.Because the Drive-By Truckers make great music to drive to. (I presume. Being a half-blind halfwit, I’m stuck with public transport for now. [But mostly because, pun.])

I’ll come clean immediately, because I may have misled you slightly: you can’t actually buy the Drive-By Truckers. But, wonderfully, you will be able to buy their new album, The Big To-Do, come March 16, and unless you’re blind in your ears or something, you’d be well-advised to do just that. As we’ve discussed before, the Truckers are some of the finest musickers currently musicking. Certainly better than Shaki$ha, or 30 Seconds to Panic!!!, or whatever ringtones you kids are listening to on buses these days. They deserve your precious legal tender, and also any illegal tender you might wish to contribute.

But I can see you need a little more convincing, you monstrous, insatiable boors. So here: courtesy of a widget I’ve borrowed from the Truckers’ website, I give you the very excellent Birthday Boy – the latest instalment in Mike Cooley’s twelve year run of writing precisely no bad songs. And it’s free. Completely free.

Are you happy now? Are you? Do you love me now!?!?

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