Download: Eminem – ‘Crack a Bottle’ (feat. 50 Cent + Dr. Dre)


EminemYup, here’s another Eminem leak from his upcoming new album “Relapse“, going by the name of ‘Crack a Bottle.’ This time, however, Slim is joined by Fithy’ and the good Dr. Dre on rap duties, as a catchy, almost hypnotizing bass background rolls in and loops and loops. Surprisingly or not, it’s not at all boring, quite interesting.

Dr. Dre’s production work shine’s through out the track, though, kinda saving Eminem’s juvenile Solja Boy lyrics (who got teh rubberz? o_O), with his mid-to-high tempos, synths and harmonies. It should be quite an interesting album. Relapse has yet to have release date or track list released, but from what I hear, it should be out sometime this spring.

[MP3] Eminem – Crack A Bottle

MP3 removed due to label infrigements. If you’re still looking for Crack a Bottle, check out

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