Listen Eminem featuring Rihanna: The Monster



Source Eminem ft. RIhanna – The Monster

I actually thought that the song is going to be about for  Halloween or something, I mean just from the lyrics: I’m friends with the monster
That’s under my bed; but this song is a lot deeper than I thought, it’s a song about fame, being an artist, OCD and a lot more.

The Monster is the 12th track from Eminem’s 8th album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, and it is actually the 4th collaboration between him and Rihanna. Also, even though the album is set to be released on November 5th this year, The Monster is not the first streamed song from the album. Eminem released 2 videos this year for the songs Berzerk and Survival and just an audio for Rap God.

Check out the song below!

EDIT: Check out the song here!

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