Robert Trujillo: ‘Next Album is Going to be an Extension of ‘Death Magnetic”

Well, we’ve talked a lot about Metallica… one could argue that we’ve talked a little too much about them, but call me a hopeless romantic – I’m still hoping for a good Metallica album. Odds are, not going to happen.

robert trujillo

Taking the time to discuss the new album (after admitting that the last one sucked), Trujillo couldn’t hide his excitement over what he described as “an extension” of the group’s previous release “Death Magnetic.”

“The real scoop would be that, in the last few months, we’ve been jamming new ideas. Now, I guess, you could say it’s a blessing and a curse. There is an arsenal, years of riffs that we have recorded,” the bassist started. “James Hetfield, I mean, the minute he plugs in his guitar and adjusts the tone knob, he comes up with the world’s greatest riff. It’s a process of elimination to see what is gonna be good enough for what we’re trying to do and it takes a long time.

Even though the album which came out in 2008 topped the charts, becoming the fifth consecutive album to get to no. 1, old time fan (myself included) were very disappointed by it. But as I already told you – hopeless romantics can always hope.

“I can also say that the ideas are awesome. I’m super psyched. I feel that this next album, for me personally, is really truly going to be an extension of ‘Death Magnetic.’ ‘Death Magnetic’ to me is a launchpad for what we are gonna do and what we can do. That was a long process and that was a heavy experience. We had five children born during the ‘Death Magnetic’ cycle. So here we go on this new adventure and we’re not gonna have five children born on [this] cycle… I hope not [laughs].”

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