Green Day Covers “Simpsons” Theme

Simpsons The Movie

The notorious “Simpsons” theme song will get a punkified version, courtesy of Grammy Award-winning rock band [tag]Green Day[/tag], as the tv show will turn to the silver screen with it’s theater debute on the 27th of july.

The Green Day Simpson theme will be published as a single and will be included on the movie’s official soundtrack, that will be released on the 24th of july, three days prior to the film’s debute.
Three different labels will be marketing the single. Warner Bros. Records will release it in the USA, Fox Music will make a digital score album available through, and Extreme Music will release 25,000 doughnut cases to U.S. retailers.

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  • Green Day Albums

    I love green day!

  • Interesting

    I wish I had the talent to produce a good poster for the simpsons 20th anniversary contest. I love the simpsons. But at least there are others (as I see here) that share an interest still.

  • Vampiress

    I don’t normally post to blogs but I neeeeeed you to take a quiz I made. I love your blog. One out of every four people I’ve given it to has loved it. Which Simpons character are you? Go to my website to take it.