Metallica, Run DMC, Jeff Beck among the ’09 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees

RR hall of fame

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While back, we talked a bit about this year’s RnR HoF and its nominees. Two of last years big names that got nominate for the ’08 edition, Metallica and The Stooges, we’re also amongst the ’09 nominees as well (of course neither got inducted in ’08). Seems, though, Metallica hit the jackpot, sorta speak (since they prolly don’t give a fuck about R & R HoF), and got inducted, next to rap innovators Run DMC, famous guitarist Jeff Beck (who gets to have the honor of getting inducted twice, after his ’92 first induction for his work with the Yardbirds. Current record holder, Eric Clapton, has been inducted three times, for his work with The Yardbirds, Cream and solo stuff.),  1950s R&B vocal group Little Anthony and the Imperials and Sixties soul singer Bobby Womack.

Not so happy news for Iggy Pop and The Stooges, who’ve been nominated a gazillion times and got rejected just as many. In light of the recent tragedy that also hit the band, an induction could’ve been a good consolation. Or not.

Run DMC is the second hip-hop group ever to get inducted in the R & R HoF, after a few years back Gradmaster Flash & The Furious Five were accepted.

“I can’t even comprehend this is happening,” Daryl “DMC” McDaniels tells Rolling Stone. “I want to let the world know that there are others receiving this honor with us. I’m talking about our heroes Afrika Bambaataa, Treacherous Three, the Cold Crush Brothers and DJ Kool Herc.” The group’s performance at the April 4th induction ceremony in Cleveland will be their since founding member Jam Master Jay was murdered seven years ago in Queens, New York.

The whole official, ceremonical procesion will be held in Cleveland Rock City this April 4, televised via Fuse.

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