Help Daft Punk out with their new video

Daft PunkOne of the most famous and popular electro group, the French duo Daft Punk, has recently launched a video shooting campaign, in which you’ll have to grab your video gear and film as clearly and best as you can on one of the band’s live shows. Fresh after a dazzling performance at this weekend’s Lollapalooza Festival, Daft Punk is nearly finishegd with their current tour with only two dates left, with the last venue ( Brooklyn, NY – Keyspan Park, on August 9) as the set for their upcoming video, so all you New York Daft Punk fans, if your willing and up for the challenge go see the band live and film the them in action. Besides that, the NYC show will be the last one Daft Punk will perform before their autumn appearance in the Vegoose Las Vegas Festival, so don’t hesitate and buy a ticket now, as they’ll be absent from live gigs for some time. Your footage might just make it to the official video and be viewed by millions of people. Check the bellow flyer for more info:

Daft Punk flyer

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