New The Streets video: ‘Everything Is Borrowed’

The Streets

The StreetsI’ve always been somewhat of a fan of Mike Skinner aka The Streets, especially after his gorgeous sophomore album, “A Grand Don’t Come For Free,” got out a few years ago. His distinctive, sincere lyrics and well put samples (btw, Mike said on his Myspace blog a while back that he’ll soon abandon sampling on stage and will use only live musicians. Props for that, mate!), propelled him to instant success on the British hip-hop scene, as well as earning him some international recognition as a top lyricist and producer. The Streets latest album is called “Everything Is Borrowed,” a welcomed transition off the more dark ground his third album treked into and which, frankly, didn’t fancy me at all. Actually, this is more of a return to the roots, if you will, with a lot of common elements found in his debut LP, “Original Pirate Material.” The first single off the new album is a song that shares the record’s name, “Everything is Borrowed,”  a song that tries to exploin throw analogies how everything in life is borrowed. The video is quite dramatic, featuring a famility on the break of desperation, after men reposes their home. Not very groundbreaking, but still pretty interesting stuff. “Everything Is Borrowed” is out September 29th.

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  • D

    Don´t you proof-read before posting?
    exploin throw analogies= explain through analogies
    a famility on the break of desperation= a family on the brink of desperation
    reposes + s= reposess

    And finally, “not very ground breaking?”. You have got to be kidding. Almost no samples, wonderful hook, incredibly original concept, unique and beautiful lyrics musing about our place in this world…I could go on. Yeah, every Tom, Dick and Harry garage rapper can do this. This is one of the best tracks and albums to come out in years. Ground breaking it IS. Peace

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