Volta by Björk album review

i71506ms7q96.jpgThe singer [tag]Björk[/tag] could be described as a true alchemist as she finds harmony and balances the most pure feelings with fear and destruction; she does everything. What makes it special is the her way of singing, strong yet delicate.

The opening track is “Earth Intruders” and the beat is also good, courtesy of Timbaland and Konono No. 1’s electric thumb-pianos. The track includes some incantations and the way she sings harder and louder is just breath taking. You can see some original ideas also in The Anchor Song which is somewhat the opposite, being more contemplative and soft. These two set the tune for the entire album.

Another interesting and pretty rare thing is that Björk’s viewpoint that purity is something powerful, not gentle. The album gives a lot sonic and emotional feeling.

There is also a track dedicated to Björk’s son Sindri which closes the circle and gives Volta the elliptical and gentle touch it needed. It is just balance between the vibrancy of her poppier work in the ’90s and her experiments in the 2000s.

Volta tracklist:
01 Earth Intruders
02 Wanderlust
03 Dull Flame of Desire
04 Innocence
05 I See Who You Are
06 Vertebrae by Vertebrae
07 Pneumonia
08 Hope
09 Declare Independence
10 My Juvenile

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