Art Brut new video: ‘Direct Hit’

[tag]Art Brut[/tag] are back with their first video Direct Hit from their 2nd album, It’s a Bit Complicated. I gotta say when i first saw this video I was almost on the floor laughing, but i managed to remain sited and giggled through out the whole video.

It appears the video’s action takes place in ancient Rome were it seems there’s a party, a toga party but giving the circumstances I guess this is a regular party. Eddie Argos is sort of the leader and gives sporadic directions on a map that reads ‘I ROCK’ ( yes Eddie, you do), after which he walks to the party and encourages everybody to “get on the dancefloor and move along like their shoes don’t fit”.

Well no one actually wears shoes , but anyway as the video progresses we see Eddie Argos changing from the decadent roman to the UK indie rocker singing on the set of the video. Very fun video, full of laughs I’m hoping of more of these to come.

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