Caribou: ‘Melody Day’ video

Daniel Snaith is back with a new video of his upcoming ‘Andorra” LP, some old fans may know him as “Manitoba”, while listeners who just got into Daniel’s music will surely recognize him by his most recent adopted stage name [tag]Caribou[/tag]. Talking about the new album Daniel said: “I find it more exciting to look inside somebody’s imagination,” Dan offered. “That’s how I see this album, as being a window, and those kind of fictional things are imagination going on inside my head. It’s more of a headspace album than it is documenting people that I actually know– but certain elements may creep into it from my life, I suppose.” Andorra’s first single “Melody Day” has a strange and eccentric aura around it, with its set in a arid, deserish terrain, featuring a un-textured and highly reflectant man walking through the scorching arid plain, caring a flag ( maybe it symbolizes a burden). While the man travels through valleys, plains and climbs pseudo-mountains, two dudes( as seemingly shallow, reflectant and just plain old figurish) hammer a pin in place throughout the video, Daniel is also present in the video as well as his one time band performing in the desert.

Andorra is set for release on August 21 via Merge Records, so for your convenience the dudes down at the record label put up a streaming of Caribou’s LP here.

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