Download: Spoon – ‘The Mystery Zone’



Like most of you might have already heard, the new Spoon album, titled “Transference“, will be out in early 2010, in January, making for an awesome kick start of the new year. Judging from the few new songs the band have been playing live on tour and “The Mystery Zone”, a new leaked song off Transference, it’s going to be one hell of a album! Over at MySpace, Britt Daniel notes:

This is the first record we’ve made without a producer or heavy of any kind and I don’t know for sure because I’ll never hear this record in the same way that someone who didn’t make it will, but I think you can tell it. When I listen to it I think, hey, that’s how I woulda done it! Which is really what you wanna to hear from a band, isn’t it? This one is pure Spoon. For better or worse and all of it.

The Mystery Zone seems to echo Britt’s words, oozing of classic Spoon riffs and a sincere production. [mp3 via We All Want Someone To Shout For]

[MP3] Spoon – The Mystery Zone

BONUS: a few new Spoon songs that will get featured on Transference played live, courtesy of stereogum:

Spoon – “Is Love Forever?” (Live) (MP3)
Spoon – “Written In Reverse” (Live) (MP3)
Britt Daniel – “Who Makes Your Money” (Live) (MP3)

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