Download: Taken By Trees – ‘My Boys’ (Animal Collective cover)

Victoria Bergsman

Victoria Bergsman

I simply adored Victoria Bergsman‘s latest single Watch The Waves. The oriental vibe, coupled with her almost effortlessly serene vocals made it simply dazzling. Her sophomore solo release, “East of Eden,” is just weeks away, so I thought you guys would like another listen to Victoria’s beautiful symphonic pop and top notch production. Here’s “My Boys” a very cool spin-off to Animal Collective‘s wicked “My Girls.” The tempo is slowed down a few notches, leaving more room to breath, more time to appreciate – the added instrumental work is worth noting as well.

[MP3] Taken by Trees – ‘ My Boys’ (Animal Collective cover)

Boy, am I exited about this one! East of Eden is out September 8th via Rough Trade. [via Subversive Experiment]

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