New Protest The Hero video: Underbite



Source Picture from the video

Two weeks ago, Protest The Hero, decided to stream their entire new album, Volition, which was actually released last week, on October 29.

The video for Underbite is very very funny and cute. It’s about these rock band members that are made out of paper or something, at a concert, and a fan of theirs hears what they are saying in the backstage about their fans and he sees also that they were not the rule dudes they were just fingers… anyway, this is crazy and funny in the same time, you have to watch it.

Announcing the video, the band posted this on their official facebook page:

We have tried to keep this quiet…
Hopefully none of you are aware we made a full blown puppet music video for TOUR LAUNCH!

Without further ado, here is our brand new music video for “Underbite”.

Many thanks for our friend / director Marc Ricciardelli for turning such a goof idea into an amazing thing.


Enjoy the video below!

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