New José González video: ‘Killing For Love’

ManhogThe mischief adventures of Manhog continue in [tag]Jose Gonzales[/tag] new video “Killing For Love”, in which Jim Woodring‘s acclaimed comic book Manhog Beyond the Face (be sure to read it, it’s great!) is brought to life. This is the second video Andreas Nilsson has made for Jose, after Down The Line, with the same Hogman sage theme. This time around Hogman is completely bare naked, as opposed to the Down The Line video, where he actually used a fork and a napkin while eating. The bump in the head at the begging of the video causes some severe trauma to poor Hogman, as i causes him to run berserkish aroung fields, rescue a super enchanted goldfish from a trap(top notch effects from behalf Andreas here) and ultimately find himself a apparently erratic shaped trophy. I hope they’ll be a at least one more video of this sort from Andreas and Jose.

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