Hot streams this week: 17 October

We’ve posted, earlier this week, what new records are out at the moment; now it’s time for you to sample them, in their entirety for free and legally. If you like them, please buy the respective records.

Oblivion With Bells Underworld are back with their fifth LP Oblivion with Bells, their first one in five years actually. There aren’t significant changes in their sound, from their previous record, but it still delivers and provides some of the best armchair electronica beats I’ve ever heard.

>>Stream: Underworld – Oblivion with Bells
Recommended: “Best Mamgu Ever,” “Good Morning Cockerel”

Dan Wilson - Free LifeAt the beginning of the Dan Wilson took home a Best Song of the Year Grammy for the unabashedly brazen tune “Not Ready to Make Nice.” This week, Dan releases his debut solo album suggestively titled Free Life, packed with a lot of emotional and moving ballads

>>Stream: Dan Wilson – Free Life
Recommended: “Breathless,” “Golden Girl”

Soulsavers Soulvares sophomore release It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land is most likely one of my favorite alt/electronic records of the year, mostly due to my severe weakness for all that is Mark Lanegan. The album is a meld between solo discs with the down-tempo, ambient electronica of the Soulsavers, resulting in a expectional record.

>>Stream: Soulsavers -It’s Not How Far You Fall…
Recommended: “Revival”, “Through My Sails”

Elect The Dead The SOAD frontman’s forthcoming solo record is set for next week, but I thought as it’ll be on the shelves next week, it would do no harm if you could sample it, before buying it. So far [tag]Serj Tankian[/tag] Elect The Dead is looking pretty great, exceptional if I might dare; delivering from all points of view.

>>Stream: Serj Tankain – Elect The Dead
Recommended: “Unthinking Majority,”Empty Walls”

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