Live Earth with its ninth gig

[tag]Live Earth[/tag] officials have added, on the last stretch, the ninth and last concert in the series of events set to promote the global awareness to global warming. This last gig will take place in the US capital Washington DC in the National Mall, positioned in very close proximity to the US Capitol.

The headliners for this Live Earth leg are country stars Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood. DC will join London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Hamburg, Shanghai, and East Rutherford tomorrow when global warming is taken to a whole different level. I’m just hoping this will turn alright and that will actually open some eyes on the matter of the ever pressing issue of global warming, although i highly doubt it. Al Gore has surely made some publicity out of this and, among others i find this whole event hypocritical as the resources to power the massive event could have been used to power thousands of homes or whatever, but i guess no expense is to big for Big Al.

Be sure to come back to ZMEmusic and catch the Live Earth coverage we’ll be doing tomorrow.

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