New MGMT video: ‘Kids’ (the official, really wacky video)

MGMT KIDS - video

MGMT KIDS - video“Kids, don’t do drugs” might serve as a good motto for MGMT‘s latest video for their incredible single “Kids.” The video’s story follows around a toddler (most likely on acid. lol) who seems to see monsters everywhere he walks around, even in people. Guess there’s a dormant monster within every of us, even in your postman! The mom was totally annoying though, compelling me to smack my notebook’s display multiple times out of disgust for her neglect. Woman, can’t you notice your son sees dead people monsters?

All round, quite a sharp and entertaining video. The director is Ray Tintori, who was also responsible for another MGMT acid trip production, the video for Time to Pretend.

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