Radiohead discography boxed and ready for Christmas

[tag]Radiohead[/tag]’s record label for the past 14 years Parlophone, in the spirit of their longstanding relationship, is set to release a ultimate Radiohead boxset containing all of the band’s previous six albums (the In Rainbows discbox will be distributed separably), plus their 2003 live album.

The seven-CD limited edition sets will comprise the band’s Parlophone albums “Pablo Honey” (1993), “The Bends” (1995), “OK Computer” (1997), “Kid A” (2000), “Amnesiac” (2001), “Hail to the Thief” (2003) and the live album “I Might Be Wrong” (2001). Purchasers will also have access to stream special footage.

This outstanding set will be available for purchase beginning from December 10, via the band’s website; the In Rainbows discbox ships from December 3. Appart from the traditional CDs, you’ll be also able to chose from a DRM-free 320 kbps MP3 version or  limited edition USB stick, shaped in the form of the band’s fuzzy bear logo, that contains ll the records in CD-quality .WAV format, complete with digital artwork. Well that sounds pretty complete to me and in time for Christmas too, how convenient. Of course this all comes at a price:  £39.99 for the standard CD boxset, £34.99 for the high quality MP3 version and for the limited edition 4GB USB stick. Considering Radiohead just gave their latest record for free, it’ll be interesting to see how many people will be willing to pay these let’s say stiff rates.

“We are particularly excited about the USB stick,” comments Parlophone’s managing director Miles Leonard, “which gives fans an easy and portable way to carry the box set and provides another way of bridging the world between on-line and off-line content.”

I’ve gotta say this from start, I’m gonna try to get my hands on one of those USB sticks, I’ve always been a sucker for their groovy bear logo :P.  If you’ve already got all of Radiohead’s past six CDs and wish to complete your collection by adding the In Rainbows CD, you’re gonna have to wait until the beginning of 2008, when XL Records will release it.

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