The National-I Need My Girl

Now if you’ve ever heard the song ‘Terrible Love’ then you’ll know the somewhat dark, melodic and melancholy tones of the Brooklyn based, Ohio formed band The National.

The National

‘Terrible Love’ was one of my favourite songs of 2010; there is just something oddly comforting about lead singer Matt Berninger’s voice singing lyrics such as

‘It takes an ocean not to break.’

Now, three years after their last album ‘High Violet’ The National have released ‘Trouble Will Find Me.’ I confess I haven’t listened to the whole album yet-I intend to, I do, but the song that caught my ear shall we say, is ‘I Need My Girl.’ Now The National’s lyrics are famously hard to interpret, but are unmistakably somewhat sombre and the songs themselves are not very upbeat. I mean you’re more likely to listen to them when you’re feeling down and out rather than downing shots to them in a busy club, but that’s the beauty of this band I think. We all need a good sad song, or album now and again, and this one fits the bill.

Interpret it as you will, but it’s undeniable beautiful with lyrics such as:

I can’t get my head around it…

I keep feeling smaller and smaller.

I need my girl.

I need my girl.


Who knows what the real meaning behind the song is, or if it was written about heartbreak, love or loss, but whatever the case, check it out. Also they are AMAZING LIVE. Just listen, it’ll be worth it.





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