Avenged Sevenfold and ‘Metalocalypse’ creator announce new project

Avenged Sevenfold have announced a collaboration with “Metalocalypse” creator John Schnepp; the new animated series, entitled “Hail to the King” is just oen of the several creative projects supporting the upcoming album release.

Sadly, the new series will only feature six episodes (or at least this is the current plan; if it catches on… who knows).

avenged sevenfolGiven the discussions and the amount of work put into the advertising and the… let’s call it ‘extra-musical’ work put into this album, one can only hope it’s worth it, because, well, we’ve seen some good and some bad from Avenged Sevenfold along the years. The band is also working on a game with Subscience Studios; described as an action adventure game, the mobile game is still in the works.

“The game and the series will go hand in hand with each other,” Shadows said in official website announcement. “We hope you enjoy them both because I know we have had a great time developing them.”

The upcoming album, set for 23 August will feature 10 new tunes and will be launched via Warner Bros Records, marking the sixth studio album in A7X opus. “Hail to the King” was initially announced with title track single release.

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