Bob Dylan plans record, joins forces with Jack White

bob-dylan1.jpgOh man, when a titan such as Bob Dylan makes plans, you know it’s gonna be good; and when this record is going to be based on some unfinished lyrics by country singer Hank Williams, it’s gonna be great. When he also asks Jack White, Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams and other to work with him…you know it’s going to be just fantastic!

As the story goes, Dylan asked a series of musicians to write music for a set of unfinished lyrics by country singer Hank Williams. Jack White has already recorded his version of the Williams lyrics ‘You Know That I Know’ in Nashville, and now talks about this project:

“[Bob] came upon, somehow, 20-25 unfinished songs by Hank Williams, just the lyrics, no music, and he started to ask people if they would finish these songs.
“He did one, asked Willie Nelson to do one, asked me to do one, and I think Lucinda Williams and Alan Jackson are on it too. I think it might come out this year. It’s a cool record.”

Also, concerning Jack, he says he’s planning another project, besides The White Stripes and The Raconteurs.

He said:

“There’s some other stuff I have coming out, but I can’t tell you about it all just yet. You’ll have to be patient!”

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