New Radiohead album in 2010 [?]



I was confused, but now I’m really messed up. A few months ago, Thom told The Beliver Mag in an interview, that “none of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again. Not straight off.  I mean, it’s just become a real drag. It worked with In Rainbows because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we’ve all said that we can’t possibly dive into that again. It’ll kill us.”

It was perfectly reasonable, and their recent regular releases of isolated tracks here and there, like The Present Tense (Thom Yorke solo), All For The Best, Harry Patch (In Memory Of)’ or ‘These Are My Twisted Words, seemed to point in a direction where the prospect of a new full length was kinda dim.  Today, however, Ed O’Brien, one of the band’s guitarist, told NME something a lot different.

“We were misquoted. We will be making an album!” he says, before giving away a bit of details regarding the recordings. “We’re going into the studio in winter.” he said. “It’s always miserable! Are we at the whim of the seasons? We are! When you’re in a studio in the countryside, the music you make is definitely affected by what season it is.”

Well, there you have it – 2010 already looks like a fine year for music! [via ateasweb]

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