New Godsmack video: ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ (Led Zeppelin cover)

GodsmackIn 1998, what today is one of the most revered heavy metal bands in the world, [tag]Godsmack[/tag] released their self-titled, that catapulted them straight from underground anonymity to mainstream notoriety. Now 10 years later, the band has decided to homage this special anniversary by releasing a special best of , titled “Good Times, Bad Times… Ten Years of Godsmack.” The [tag]Led Zeppelin[/tag] fans out there might recognize the title catch phrase, as the name of one of Led’s most classic singles; seeing as most of their five albums to date have been heavily influenced by zoso’s music, this didn’t really come much as a surprise.

The compilation, besides the impressive tracklist of hits spanning from “Awake” to “I Walk Alone,” also ultimately includes a cover of a Led song, obviously it’s “Good Times, Bad Times,” of which official video just premiered on Yahoo Music earlier today. The video features the band playing in the middle of Boston, Ma, their home town, returning to their roots so to speak. Watch the at Yahoo Music Premiers.

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