New Kanye West video: ‘Flashing Lights’ (2nd version)

Kanye‘s back with yet another video version for his explosive track “Flashing Lights,” the second in a three video series. If you’re memory still serves you well, you’ll recall the first video, directed by Spike Jonze, was centered around a tied up Kanye, a shovel, gasoline and a half-dressed woman. This, second one, directed by Bill Pollock, is a lot more cloudy, ambiguous and especially sexy, most probably because we get to see less Kanye and more babes. This time in the role of the badass babe is model Charlotte Carter-Allen, who can be seen moving franticly around the video in a heck load of poses: having breakfast, parting, smoking cigarettes or changing a LOT of clothes. There’s some thong scene as well, so I guess this could classify a bit as a NSFW. Have fun!

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