Beck releases latest single: ‘Time Bomb’

Beck: Time BombYesterday, 20 August, [tag]Beck[/tag] released his latest single “Time Bomb” via iTunes at 0.99$, you can buy it from other download and retail stores starting 28 August. The old man’s still got it, and hits us with a classic Beck single, with electro vibes, annoying piano line, and a ga-ga-ga chorus. At first listen its quite annoying, but it’s grown on me now, quite fun actually, with doom’s day lyrics about ticking bombs, red alerts and odd cigarettes. Here’s a live version of the song, the sound quality is quite low, but i guess it will do for all you cheap bastards. For those who don’t mind spending a little change from their pockets, you can buy the single from iTunes at 99 cents here.


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