Download: Spoon – ‘Got Nuffin’

Spoon Band

Spoon Band

One of the most talented contemporary American bands, Spoon, just recently released their first material since the critically acclaimed 2007 “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga,” as the lo-fi infused “Got Nuffin” comes gracing our picky ears. Have to say, though, not the best title (as if “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” wasn’t enough), since this three track EP, short as it is, has more than plenty to offer. The lyrics still follow the same, solid songwriting formula, however the style has changed a bit, like every time Spoon releases new stuff for that matter.

The lead title track is simply stunning, starting off with a really steady, minimalistic-like bass line, upon which some awesome, catchy guitar riffs are added, while Britt Daniel masterfully lays down some remarkable vocals. “I’ve got nothing to lose, but darkness and shadows,” he sings, while the music comfortable plays in the background. Stunning EP! Which reminds me, what about a new album from Spoon? Any info, guys? [via I Guess I’m Floating]


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