Grizzly Bear + Lil Wayne = ‘2 Weeks ’til Prom’

Lil Wayne - Grizzly Bear

Lil Wayne - Grizzly Bear

Did I mention how much I love great remixes? The one bellow is mixed by The Soundmen, and it simply sounds amazing. Think Grizzly Bear meets Lil Wayne, erhhh… literally! Bet you never thought this kind of mash up could work. Well, think again, give it a listen and prepare to be astonished!

[MP3] Grizzly Bear + Lil Wayne – 2 Weeks Til Prom

And if you thought this was a coincidence, download the whole “VeckaFlyest” three track EP and prepare for more Grizzly Bear/Lil Wayne extravaganza. God, this is awesome!

[via I Guess I’m Floating]

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