New Rilo Kiley video: ‘Silver Lining’

After the explicit Moneymaker video, it’s time for [tag]Rilo Kiley[/tag]’s next single, Silver Lining, to get a video. This time the indie quartet turned to Autumn de Wilde, a very talented photographer turned video director, with whom singer Jenny Lewis has worked before on her solo album photo cover. The video’s plot is a wedding ceremony, in which Jenny’s is the bride and Blake Sennett, lead guitarist, the groom. In the begging of the video Jenny’s character is playing the piano, a few hours before the ceremony, being very doubtful about whether she should marry or not. She’s still indecisive, until the last moment, when she leaves her ex-due-to-be-husband in front of the alter, storming her way out of the improvised lawn chapel. Ouch!

via Spinner

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