Wake the President: ‘You Can’t Change That Boy’

Album name: You Can’t Change That Boy
Artist name: Wake the President
Genre: Indie Pop/Folk
Released: March 9th 2009 (Europe); May 19th 2009 (USA)
Label: Electric Honey (UK), Magic Marker (US), Rimeout (JP)
ZME Rating: 9/10
Website: http://www.myspace.com/wakethepresidentband

The indie pop band from Glasgow, Scotland are out on the music market with their very first album. It’s called “You Can’t Change That Boy” and it is out throughout Europe for more than a month now. They have however released two singles in 2008, both present on this album: “Remember Fun?” and “You Can’t Change That Boy”, so they’re already quite known on the british music scene, especially the Scottish one, alongside names like De Rosa or Phantom Band.

Four musicians form the band: twins Erik and Bjorn Sandberg, Mark and Scott. Erik is the lead singer and apparently writes most of the lyrics for their songs. His twin brother is the guitarist and together, they have been running an independent label called “Say Dirty” for two years. Mark and Scott take care of the bassline and the drums.

Listen to the album and while trying to analyse their exact sound, also try considering the band’s own words regarding their music:  “imagine the whimsy of vintage Orange Juice but with the sordid, brutal honesty of Arab Strap”. They’re album is very nice and considering that it’s just their debut, I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots from them. Lie down on a Sunday afternoon, have a cup of coffee and turn on your playlist and listen to their album. You won’t regret it. Oh, and by the way, there isn’t one song on this album that you’ll want to fast forward or jump. Its story is just perfectly  divided into 10 songs. Enjoy!


  1. Something to Turn Up
  2. Professor
  3. Mail, Alice
  4. Miss Tierney
  5. Wake
  6. You Can’t Change That Boy
  7. Remember Fun?
  8. The Security Place
  9. Just Give Me Two Secs
  10. A & E

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