New The Killer video: “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”

The Killers - Don’t Shoot Me SantaVegas’ favorite quartet, [tag]The Killers[/tag], are back with a holiday special single, suggestively titled “Don’t Shoot Me Santa,” the second of this sort after last year’s A Great Big Sled. The video is beautifully unique and really well directed, by renowned Vegas native Matthew Grey Gubler, and catches on tape a regular Christmas in the Mojave Desert with Brandon and a psycho hobo Santa. The video cycles through scenes of the band, all dressed in over all cute sweaters, playing the song and Brandon all tied up, begging for his life (a real treat for all the Killers haters :D), while Santa digs a grave hole in the desert. There’s no place for bad endings here, so Brandon’s soon rescued by his band mates and quickly escape the clutches of the mad Santa, in a old convertible.

The single will be released on December 1, exclusively as a download at iTunes, all income derived from sales will be donated to the AIDS charities as part of Bono’s RED campaign

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