Listen the latest Megadeth single: Built for War

One day left until the latest Megadeth album: Super Collider, is going to be released. Just a little recap about what do we know until now about the album: we have videos with them working at the new album in studio, we know the album title, we also know how the album artwork is going to look like, and we also know some songs from their latest album(Kingmaker, Super Collider and also some some previews for

Check out latest Megadeth song from the upcoming album

  OK, maybe the album artwork isn’t one of their best, but you should give them a chance for this new album, in the end, all that matters is the music isn’t it? Kingmaker, is the 2nd track from the upcoming album, Super Collider, which was recorded in Vic’s Garage and is the first Megadeth release after the Roadrunner Records breakup. The album also has a special guest, David Drainman, and maybe you know this

Megadeth reveals new album artwork

In order to watch the latest Megadeth’s album,  you have to solve a puzzle or a memory game actually. I usually suck at these type of games and avoid them as much as I can, but this one I had to solve. That’s how important is for me the next Megadeth album. (I actually got a score of 48 tries, as I said, I suck at these type of games). If you access these Megadeth

Megadeth reveals new album title

Finally, Megadeth announced the name for their upcoming album (you can watch them working in the studio here), it’s Super Collider. Talking about the recording process, Ellefson wrote on his facebook page: Having a great week here at Vic’s Garage laying down bass on the new songs. Really some great, great songs taking shape at this point in the recording process. I told Dave  today that one of them totally reminded me of the earliest

Watch Megadeth working on their new album

Check out the video posted by Megadeth on their official twitter page, with the band’s recording session and working progress for their 14th album. Megadeth ‏@Megadeth Recording at Vic’s Garage – Studio Video Update #5. The album is being recorded in Vic’s Garage from California, which is actually Mustaine’s studio, and is set to be release at the end of this Spring. Also, the band’s bassist David Ellefson wrote on his facebook page about the

Dave Mustaine personally invests in Megadeth shows

You may love him or hate him (or most likely – both), but Dave Mustaine remains one of the most interesting people in the musical scene. In a recent interview, Mustaine said he didn’t want all those worn out pyro effects – he wanted something better and bigger, something that wasn’t possible with the available budget. So he bailed the band out. “Doing something like this has always been a matter of affordability and I

Megadeth and Slayer officially announce the 2010 American Carnage Tour

The Clash of the Titans 1991 tour was one of the most epic and spectacular series of metal gigs to ever have graced the planet, basically making various venues in the US  and Europe the very center of the scene for a day. Now, Megadeth and Slayer are set to embark on a tour of almost equal proportions in 2010, called the American Carnage Tour. They even brought on Testament as openers to re-create the

Megadeth: ‘Endgame’

Album name: Endgame Artist name: Megadeth Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal Released: September 15, 2009 Label: Roadrunner Records ZME Rating: 10/10 Website: It’s a well known fact that instead of blood, a fine mixture of metal, vodka and pure awesomeness runs through Dave Mustaine’s veins. It’s what led him to deliver some of what many fans consider to be Metallica (and metal’s) finest songs, create blazing solos and make millions of fans headbang, but it’s also

MEGADETH To Start Recording In The Fall

It’s official now, metal masters Megadeth are going to start work on another studio effort, which will definitely please all of us. This comes after the dvd set, called Warchest and their previous album, United Abominations. Here’s what Dave McRobb, Megadeth’s official webmaster had to say, via the website: “So…. I was talking to my beloved master [Dave Mustaine] tonight on the phone and he wanted me to let you all know that things are

Megadeth: ‘Warchest’

Artist name: Megadeth Album name: Warchest Label: EMI Gender: Heavy Metal Release date: October 9, 2007 ZMErating: 10/10 Website: The tracks here are hand selected by frontman Dave Mustaine, including 30 audio and video tracks making their global release debuts, and an additional three tracks that have never before been released in the U.S. They have been cleaning out the vaults lately. This includes digitally remastered album cuts, soundtrack and compilation songs, unreleased live